Am I just overthinking?

I just want to know other people’s thoughts.. so my husband works at a car dealership and there’s only 1 female that works there.. my husband is friends with her. - we’ve been together 10 years & I’ve never been insecure with him having friends of the opposite sex, but I can’t shake this gut feeling . This girl has a lot of past relationship trauma and my husband says that he feels bad for her and is always trying to cheer her up.. I saw texts where he sent her “ just call or text if you ever need me” he’s admitted that he only thinks she’s pretty sometimes.. then another coworker of my husbands even joked that this girl coworker is my husbands “work wife” should I feel insecure or? I’m having a hard time postpartum and with my body changing.. but this isn’t helping. My husband said they’re just friends and that this girl coworker thinks that her and I can be friends but idk..
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That's a hard one....I would have it on the radar for sure and have a conversation with him but I wouldn't think so. I had a man I worked with and I was in a relationship and he was married. I found him funny and had a laugh with him and U could say work wife or husband as our shifts had patterns but not everyones did and we almost always worked together. I saw us as a good team and we got on really well and he'd give me lifts home ....he was a genuinely nice man ....and he was older so I did see he guided me on things or heard me out once or twice...just similar life views/values but I would have only ever said he was a friend nothing more. I thought he was great. But it depends on that woman's intentions too. So that's why I say keep it on the radar.....discuss this with your husband and reaffirm boundaries etc. But if you have a gut feeling I'd listen to that tbh. My gut has never served me wrong and has only gotten better the more I listened to it xx

The bottom line is your uncomfortable with it and it’s making you feel insecure so just talk to your husband about how you feel maybe he could back off a bit with the texting so much outside work about stuff that isn’t work related? I don’t know how much they text etc. I have worked with mostly males and we’re friends at work but I don’t like texting them outside of work unless work related and being more personal/ jokey just because I feel it oversteps a boundary for me and my relationship but that’s just me. I also wouldn’t like my partner doing it but we are both aware of that and our insecurities so it wouldn’t get to that stage. So if it did I’d definitely feel not happy and insecure and ask him to not do it and see what he did from there. But you guys have a totally different relationship. The only reason I don’t like it is because you do get close to people at work and I think sometimes it’s asking for trouble being too familiar and if your attracted to them also.

I worked at a dealership in the BDC department business development call center Anyways my boss was married and there was a man not sure if he was still married they joked around sometimes he would “massage her shoulders but nothing to awkward I agree it’s all about boundaries if your husband cares about your boundaries what makes you comfortable and what doesn’t then he should not offer to text him any time That’s a big no no for me I would flip if my husband did that. Just like vice versus would your spouse like they if you sent a text like to your co worker. Hope he respects the boundaries 👌

Trust your gut feeling. No one should be getting comfortable with someone of the opposite sex like that when in a relationship. My husband and I don’t do friends of the opposite sex. We trust each other but why let anyone think they can have a chance. People are so snaky and just don’t care to see others happily married/in a relationship. I’m a stay home now but when we had our first and second son I worked in a call center and I never got close to guys like that or let them get comfortable with me. Work wives and work husbands are disrespectful and disgusting imo. She shouldn’t be needing him and he should be worried about you and your postpartum needs.

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