Sickness bug

Has anyone experienced their little one having a sickness bug? My little girl has been being sick since last night and I feel so helpless. She wanted her bottle this morning but just threw it all back up. Is there anything anyone can recommend?
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Oh it’s so tough. Just persevere with the bottle and with sips of water. At one point we had to give dioralyte. Mine was fine within 24 hours but had runny nappies for a week and was a little unsettled. He also had no solids that week and has taken two weeks to get back to normal Good luck! It sucks to see them sick 😔

My boy had a nasty sickness bug in Dec and we ended up in hospital due to dehydration. They got us to syringe 5ml of milk into his mouth every 5 minutes for an hour then upped it to 10ml every 5 minutes if he kept everything down. He was younger then (7 months) so not sure if advice would be the same now they are older but it's a good way to get liquid into them without overwhelming their tummy.

@Lee it really to tight on them isn’t it. I just feel so helpless. We’ve had no runny nappies up to now thank god. I did try her with some toast this morning and she just wasn’t interested I’ll try her with little sips when she’s due her next feed. Thanks so much x

@Jade oh gosh that’s so scary. Yes I have some syringes so I will do that as she’s hungry but a full bottle at once is just making her be sick. Thank you for the advice!x

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