Orange juice

Anyone craving fresh orange juice? How much do you drink a day? Fresh OJ hits different right now, can’t drink anything other than cold water so the taste is just the best. But how much OJ is too much per day? Don’t want to get the 💩 or have too much vit c 😂🤦🏼‍♀️
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Sadly no more than 250ml a day because of the sugar content. I got told off by my dentist last week 🤭Try eating them whole maybe, they’re in season at the moment and really delicious. I keep craving oranges. Maybe try a vitamin c supplement too if not already.

I didn’t realise this was a common craving! I’ve been drinking about half a bottle of fresh OJ every day, much more than the 250ml recommended above 🙃😂

I've been craving this too. I try to just have it on a morning but it's so good I'd say I'm having two small glasses a day.

You should check out the book “real food for pregnant women” I would say have enough to satisfy your craving, your body knows what it needs. But just make sure it’s real fresh orange juice, none of that Minute Maid crap. You can OD on real orange juice, unless you’re watching your sugar.

Weird. I’ve totally been on an OJ kick too. I dilute it a ton with water so I can drink it more often with less sugar. I don’t think you can get too much Vitamin C, as that particular vitamin you just pee out the excess. It’s the sugar you have to watch.

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