Do I be crazy..

My husband was sleeping and I grabbed his phone to check his cards on monopoly go (we play religiously 😂) as we have both done before so it’s not weird but he like immediately woke up and just watched me look through his cards and was waiting to take his phone back?? Seemed off. Do I stay awake and wait for him to get in a deep sleep and look through it or do I not be crazy and just ask him
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Just ask, worst thing you can do is look through his phone because it’s probably nothing and if it’s nothing you’re the one who’s broken trust by going through it

I ended up just asking and he let me look there was nothing I was reading into it too much lmao

Id be side eyeing you too, cause why you looking at my monopoly go cards! You plotting or something 😭😭 I'll slap someone about my monopoly go

Glad it’s cleared up for you! Honestly I’d be more fuming about my parter stealing my monopoly go cards 😂 obsessed with the game is an understatement

@Bliss good advice, I needed to hear this

@Jasmine we look through each others all the time and trade with each other 😂😂

Yes girl go through his phone

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