My little one has just been prescribed nutramigen formula. It says you can’t put the formula in boiling water so I’m guessing we can’t use our prep machine? How does everyone make it up? Also do I need to go done a teat size?
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You can just put all water first with the machine (cold and hot to avoid the hot shoot) and add the formula later.

Our dietician told us to boil the kettle fill all the bottles for 24 hours leave them on the side to come to room temp and just add the scoops when needed. If it's heated above room temp then it destroys all the probiotics in the milk and isn't affective anymore x

It's a very thin milk so I would definitely go down a test size the first few bottles just so little one doesn't suck as hard as their used to and make themselves cough etc x

I still use our prep machine with the nutramigen. It is thinner so our little one was on teet size 2 for a long time. We've only just moved to teet size X on the mam bottles and he is 10 months xx

No need for prep machine, just make all the bottles up with boiled water and leave them to sit at room temperature and add the formula as needed. One of the biggest benefits of nutramigen is how easy they are to make up. The hot shot from a prep machine will destroy the probiotics in the formula and even if this wasn't the case I wouldn't trust a prep machine again especially with a baby that has stomach issues. Had 2 separate machines and neither of them consistently gave the correct measurements of water and the temperature of the hot shot was also never consistent and looking online this seems to be a very common issue with them.

Thanks ladies. How long did it take to notice improvement? X

Depends on which symptoms. Diarrhoea stopped after a week. Eczema took 3-4 weeks. Reflux stayed the longest but I think it was due to his tongue tie which has been sorted now! He sometimes still gets dry spots but no eczema.

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