Am I overdoing it?

So tonight as we were unwinding down from the day and playing with our daughter, I decided to joke around with my partner by smacking his butt and trying to playfully bite him. Although I wasn’t going to bite him hard, I was trying to give him a hickey on his thigh or hip. He kept pushing me away saying he didn’t like biting and I told him, I use to do it to you all the time before so what’s the matter now. He responded with, I didn’t like it back then either I just pretended I did to impress you. So me being me I was like okay sorry for trying to mark you up, obviously you don’t want the other person to see. And of course he got offended saying what are you talking about you’re blowing this out of proportion blah blah Am I overdoing it?
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It seems like he was just annoyed enough by the initial action that everything there after was just another layer of annoyance. Playing around isn't evil or anything at all but once he said "no" and the consent was revoked then you should have stopped but he seems like it was just another level of annoyance that just pushed his irritation over the edge. You were playing around and he just wasn't feeling it but making another joke/playing around on top of it was the breaker. I don't think there's anything deeper to it x

Definitely think he’s upset about something else and this trigger him

I think if he doesn’t like something he has a right to express it & refuse it. I would be upset with him however for pretending to like it bc that’s lying to you. He lied about something he didn’t really like & that’s misleading

‘’Obviously you don’t want the other person to see” what did you mean by that?

@Katie I meant it in a “oh your other women” because of his response

Do you normally joke around with him about cheating on you?

@Heather sometimes yes but to be transparent we have had trust issues in the past. Although he didn’t physically cheat he emotionally did, he was paying for OnlyFans content and commenting on instagram. I will say he deleted both platforms on his own since I confronted him about it

If he's attempted to change and done what you asked and hasn't had any red flags for cheating then I would not ever bring it back up again even in a joking manner.

I don’t think you’re over doing it. I think you were being playful and he got annoyed/upset. Maybe he thinks you still don’t trust him after the only fans incident? Maybe it makes him feel bad and doesn’t like you to bring it up?

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