Back pain with toddler

Is anyone else really struggling? I feel like I can’t look after my own child during this week of pregnancy as I can barely stand up or even sit down without being uncomfortable or in pain. I feel like all I’ve done is watch tv with her which isn’t our norm as we usually do lots of activities and go outside once a day but I just can’t seem to even walk from the kitchen to the living room without stopping or bending over like an old lady. Does anyone have any tips? I’ve been doing back stretches and used a heat pack, also I have a support belt and looking into a chiropractor but not sure how quickly I’ll be seen. It’s really getting to me how little I can manage to do.
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I'm in the same boat, I've resorted to an additional day at nursery for him for now and when we're together I just make sure to be ok with the temporary change. I'd much rather sit and watch with him than see me grimace and struggle. He won't remember this for very long, and it's so important we don't overdo it.

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