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Struggling so much at the moment, I’m up 21 hours a day! I get 3 hours sleep at night when my partner comes home but it’s not enough to function. I can’t sleep with the baby because he makes so much noise, grunting all night long! I struggle to co-sleep as everyone keeps telling me to do because I’m so anxious about Sid’s or rolling on him! I just can’t drift off. I’m going slightly insane and I’m worried. Any advice I’m desperate for some sleep!
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Oh this sounds so hard. 3h really isn’t enough! Just to reassure you, the lullaby trust recently shared some research about SIDS which basically confirmed that at least 92% of the SIDS deaths where babies were cosleeping, there were hazardous circumstances which are absolutely preventable and avoidable. And interestingly, of all the SIDS deaths in the time period, 52% were babies cosleeping, the rest were babies that would have been in their own sleep space. If you’re doing it safely, you really don’t need to be any more significantly concerned about it happening than you would be about baby being in their own sleep space. Do you breastfeed? The cuddle curl position will prevent you from rolling onto him. But if baby is still too noisy for you to sleep next to, bed sharing wont help! Do you have any support nearby? Friends of family who could watch baby for a few hours? What does baby sleep like in the day?

@Chloe my partner is working and my parents want me to take him to theres every night which I don’t think is very fair as he lives with us. I couldn’t breastfeed as he wouldn’t latch, he was a month early

I’d take your parents up on the offer if he’s formula. Even if it’s only for one night.

Perhaps not every night, but I would definitely utilise their help if they’re more than willing to have baby over night. Especially as baby is bottle fed, you can get some decent sleep and feel well rested, even if it’s a couple of times a week or only as and when you need it.

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