Maternity leave

Well my mat leave ends on the 5th March taking leave then back to work 20th March 😭 how has my time gone so fast my baby still seems so young! She starts childminder full time on the 4th March! I wish I could afford to take longer buts it’s not an option especially now we’re moving house in April! I just feel so sad my time is ending 😭
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So sorry that you have to go back when you don’t feel ready!

It's awful isn't it, I'm back to work on Monday and I'm 100% not ready at all! I feel your pain! 😢

@Kerry I feel so awful the fact I’ll be leaving her 😢 I’ve not had the easiest time on maternity with PnD etc and I just feel so guilty about all the wasted time now I’m back at work. Time goes so fast 😭

I went back to work on 9th Jan, I was dreading it but now we are in a good routine and it works well for us

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