Best products of baby eczema

Pretty certain little one has eczema does anyone have any recommendations for the best products to use on sensitive skin like this
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Make sure to look at the bottles, perfume and dye free as those will further irritate the skin. For both lotion and soap. Their skin needs moisture. But also try to figure out if anything triggers it? Too much bathing drying skin out? The soaps you’re using on the skin or on laundry? My son would play outside, the grass/yard was a trigger, sunscreen was a trigger. His was so bad as a toddler I ended up getting him prescription 2.5% hydrocortisone cream and triamcinolone cream (this second one only during bad flare ups). Also oatmeal baths helped him to not itch so much.

Hi, you can do baby aveeno eczema relief and some hydrocortisone mixed together. My son has eczema.

My son has a severe case, it’s shows up on like 40% of his body! And I didn’t see any progress until we tried the medicated cream prescribed by his doc (it is a steroid cream) but we tried almost every brand before giving in and it was the only thing that showed true results. The cons are, if we stop using it, it comes right back…I hope you find a solution for your little one!

We were told to only bath baby once a week as to not dry his skin out and just to use olive oil and it worked a treat

Aveeno oatmeal eczema lotion daily before bedtime 🌙

Derm nurse and my baby has eczema too. Simple things like Elaine said might be enough - decreasing how often you bathe LO. Warm water not hot. Oils like olive oil but mineral oil is good too and probably cheaper. Eucerin or aquaphor are the top 2 brands recommended by the dermatologists I worked with too. Personally I like the honest brand or even Palmers lotion (same brand used to reduce stretch marks) both very hydrating and gentle. I use aquanil lotion (with hydrocortisone) and layer that with his daily lotion when he is having flares, but I only do that for a max 2 weeks at a time with the medicated lotion then take a 1 week break. Allergens are a big cause of flares for eczema kids and their skin is more sensitive, so go for sensitive skin products for body wash, detergent, etc, and skip the fabric softener. Also pay attention to possible food allergens that could also make the eczema flare. You can go to your doc for information handouts and they can help you manage it of course

Put oats in a sock in the bath

Talk to. Naturopath. Eczema is a symptom that can be fixed. I did not know this for my first 2 kids. Only of them had it. I have twins now. My LG had none until after 4wks. Then she had patches. A few months later it covered her whole body. I tried everything. I ended up speaking with a naturopath at our local health store. She asked if my daughter had had any antibiotics. She did at 4wks becaus the hospital tested her and she tested positive for Salmonella. It was a false positive but they pumped her with antibiotics. Then I had some a few months later for a rash on my csection scar. She was breastfed and it affected her. The naturopath recommended gut health support so I gave her inner health plus each day for a few weeks. She has not had any eczema since. It's been months

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