Numbness after Epidural/spinal and episiotomy

Hey ladies this is a bit of an odd one. So I had an epidural last Sunday, along with a spinal block and then delivered my baby with an episiotomy and forceps But I’ve noticed my anus and side where the stitches are is numb? What could cause this when does it go away?😫
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I had quite a bit of numbness after my csection, it's because they cut through nerves when getting baby out. They maybe do the same with an episiotomy. The sensation should return once you're fully recovered, I'm almost 7 months pp and it's starting to cone back now x

It's completely normal, with them having to cut through muscles and nerves and such, numbness can be expected. And I've been told by obgyns that the side-effects of the epidural can last up to a year after birth...

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