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Hi! My son has a runny nose most of the time, although we do get a week here and there when it isn't running. We have to constantly wipe it and a minute later there will be mucus dripping down his face again. I've just put I down to catching lots of colds but nursery have now told me twice that I should take him to the dr and have it "cleared out". Is that even a thing? I feel like it's an overreaction from them but maybe I should be more concerned than I am. I also got the comment today that it makes him snore like am old man, but don't most people snore when they have a cold? Just interested in others perspectives. Thanks
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Does he snore a lot? If it’s loud, which sounds like it is, and persistent then yes I would take him to the doctors if it was me. I doubt anything to worry about but there are a few possible reasons that it may be happening and it can reduce their quality of sleep etc, so I would take him yeah. My little girl has had hundreds of colds, but I’ve never heard her snore! But then she may snore lightly so I don’t hear her! 🤷🏻‍♀️ xx

He does snore, yes, but he's a really good sleeper, generally 11hrs straight through the night so it doesn't appear to be affecting sleep. It's not all the time, just when he's got a particularly heavy cold

My son is a loud snorer and gets a runny nose most of the time. My suspicion is enlarged adenoids. Because of his mouth breathing we’ve been referred to an ENT specialist. A constant runny nose could be an allergy but could also be the sinuses being chronically inflamed. If it’s a runny nose all the time even not when poorly it’s always worth checking in with the doctor x

Hmm, looking that up a lot of the symptoms ring true. He does also talk quite nasally, I hadn't connected the two things. I don't think he mouth breathes in general though. I've got an appointment for him next week so let's see

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