I know this is vain…

Just wanting to hop on here and say.. I miss my ass. Not sure if it’s C-section related but I’ve noticed my hips have not shrunk and my ass deflated or something. I have a cube shape if that makes sense. Rant over
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Not vain at all. It's OK to miss your pre-pregnancy body!

Not vain at all! It’s perfectly valid to mourn your pre pregnancy body. It’s a massive change, physically. I completely understand x

Its not vain at all, i had a c section and miss what my stomach looked like before pregnancy before i had this “shelf/pooch” 😫

Yep I def miss my super flat stomach where I had a problem finding jeans that fit because my waist was smaller than average and my butt was really curvy and round. Not as much now :,( the mom bod kicked in lol just gotta learn to love what you got currently and then get into a good fitness routine 💪

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