Feels like I’m failing!

Urgh. My little one is coming up to 12 months on the 18th Feb and he’s still not a great eater. He loves trying things, and he’s definitely gotten better at that recently. He just doesn’t seem to swallow a lot of the food! This then means he’s hungrier for milk when we are supposed to be cutting down the amount he drinks🫠he’s still having 3 bottles of milk a day (occasionally 4 which is usually only about 4 oz). We will be moving him over to whole milk when he turns one as he has been on BM/formula up until now. He’s been absolutely fine with whole milk as we’ve been testing him with cereals and things, but I’m assuming I shouldn’t just cut BM/formula entirely straight away and give him whole milk? Or should I! I’ve had him weighed and I’ve been told his weight is perfectly fine so I’m probably being overly concerned, but I just need some advice I guess on the next stage!! Please tell me I’m not alone in this😞. I feel like we are so behind on where we should be.
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My health visitor gave me the go ahead to try my son on whole milk (which was two weeks ago now) and have only tried it yesterday which he didn’t make much of a fuss over! I’d definitely try him with the whole milk in bottles and see if this makes a difference in his appetite for food. As long as his weight is fine then there’s nothing to worry about! It’s all trial and error with babies but make sure they take the lead! He will definitely want more food naturally as the months go by

My LO will be 12 months on 16th March and she’s exactly the same.

We reduced milk and my girls food intake had gone crazy, she just loves eating now! Sorry if not much help but it’s really helped us

Just looking at that photo I can see he looks perfectly healthy (and so cute!). Don’t feel like you have to transition as soon as he turns 1, ease him into it. I felt a little like this as my boy has a small appetite. I think we sometimes forget they’re not going to eat like adults and seeing videos of babies with larger appetites sometimes makes us fee like we’re doing something wrong. I no longer feel like my LO is a “bad eater”, he has great hand eye coordination, knows how to handle small pieces of food, large pieces of food, sits well and engages with us at mealtimes - all this tells me he’s a good eater! It’s much more that just their intake. As you reduce the milk his appetite will naturally pick up, just keep modelling eating and eat with him. Do a combination of spoon feeding and BLW. He will get there x

I am really sorry, I don’t really have any real advice since my baby hasn’t even been born yet but I wanted to say that it sounds like you’re doing nothing wrong! All babies are different, maybe yours needs a little more time adjusting to the change. Some are clearly more eager than others on solids. You are not failing ♥️

Can I just say your babe is SO CUTE 😍

I was told, cut out day time bottles first (swap for a snack). Then give a solids breakfast instead of giving milk first. That leaves bedtime bottle which you can keep as formula but slowly swap to cows milk and oz at a time. You can also stop giving milk in bottles to remove that comfort aspect if you wish but one bottle for a few extra months isn’t going to make much difference

I’m in the same boat, bubba will be 11 months tomorrow and still has 4 bottles of formula a day and not eating much real food. @Amy thank you your comment was very helpful to me to start the transition as he does have more interest in foods and such!!!🥰

definitely don’t go cold turkey on bm/formula, it’s best to transition. my baby will be 12 months on the 20th and we started his milk transition a couple weeks ago. every few days, we take out 1oz of formula and replace it with an oz of milk. (7 formula/1 milk, 6 formula/2 milk, etc.)

From what I’ve heard theres really no reason you have to stop breastfeeding at a year and everything I hear is that it’s encouraged until 2 years. They also have formula for toddlers if you’re using formula that I know some people use. I’ve met toddlers still drinking breast milk/toddler formula at every meal and doing fine

My oldest was a very picky eater (well he still is) he would literally look at the plate and judge with his eyes, if the food looked pleasant he would put his finger inside the food and taste it to see if he should eat it or not 🤦🏻‍♀️ but if the food didn’t look pleasant to him he would say NO to it and would never taste it, I tried to force him but he would close his mouth and even a strong person wouldn’t be able to open it 😭 so yeah I gave up on forcing him and only gave him the foods he would prefer (pasta, burger, all the unhealthy food 😭) and that wasn’t every day so he would have milk in bottle until he was 3 years old (even at bed time and he would wake up 3 times a night for milk) but luckily I got him to stop drinking milk at night time before my second baby was born! 😮‍💨 he’s now 5 and doing alright although he’s short for his age and tiny built but doctors are saying he’s healthy and normal so that’s all what matters, don’t put yourself down, it’s not easy being a mum 😅

12 oz of milk is still a decent amount for 12 mo at least my opinion cuz that's where I'm at. He's always teething too which he doesn't like to eat much right now either. Mine also was a great eater, until recently. Recently he's become very picky. Ugh.

@Alexandria do you mix the bm and cows milk??

@Morgan yes!

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