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I am a first-time mum. I will be travelling with my LG from Nottingham to London for 3 days, and I am wondering if I need to take her pram along or a car seat. We will be going by train but will use the bus for our rounds. Kindly advise
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London buses are packed, sometimes there are already 2 buggies in there and you can't get on so a sling is recommended or maybe if the car seat makes your pram smaller consider that. Otherwise make sure you leave early or tell people you meet the situation as you may be late if you have to wait for the next bus etc. I can't advise about the train journey, sorry. Good luck!

And I was changing nappies in there as well, as the toilet ones are gross and also shaking much more so I don’t think it’s safe.

@Alex, thank you for this information. I have been wondering if it's allowed to use a sling on a bus. This really helps

@Liza Great idea, thank you, Lisa.

I’m from London, how old is your Lo? I would recommend stroller as it’s easier to get around London just fyi London is not pram friendly as there’s not lifts in most stations and there’s more stairs (this is why I suggested a stroller) the bus is rammed too pushing a travel pram is hard.

@Imelda yep baby carriers are great! I use this to travel around London and not bring my pram because no lifts at some stations. Yes you can wear a sling on the bus. And yes I agree with @Liza about the public toilets it’s gross, so when I do bring my pram I change my baby in there.

@Jenny My LO will be 6 months in April. I will carry a sling then as it will be much easier. Thank you very much

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