Feeling ill - should I be worried?

The past few days I’ve developed a cough, my whole body aches and I feel really boiling. I’ve been checking my body temperature and it’s about 37.3C. I did a covid test but was negative so I don’t know if I have flu or something. It’s not really bad but I feel like shit. Will it harm the baby? I’m worried.
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Sorry to hear you are feeling unwell! Make sure you keep the fluids up! get rest but keep moving! I had flu-tonsillitis and laryngitis all at once and been told baby is fine -so try not to stress :) baby is in a safety bubble!

Just rest and keep drinking lots of water. If you feel you’re not getting better or feel worse in a few days call your gp. Your baby will be fine like Lydia says. I’m on my second pregnancy and have had Covid, flu and bad cough that lasted a few weeks thanks to my three year old and all fine with baby. Feel better soon x

@Pip @Lydia thanks both that’s reassuring! It’s just so hard to know baby is all well when I can’t feel them at all. I’m always worrying as I’ve had previous miscarriages

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