I've never been good at standing up for myself and I think she knows that. Thank God my husband sees it and is on my side. She gaslight the fuck out of us even when we have proof. Guilts us in many way. She even jumped to blame me for my milk supply ending 3 month pp saying "what did you do wrong" while my husband stepped in and told her it's genetic. She constantly comments on my weight and anytime she asks me about things I do with our son she does the baby voice to him saying "no we can't do that" her son is an only child so this is her first grandchild so I try to let it go but I also can't let my son see someone treating his mother like that or see me not stand up to myself and set a good example. I also don't want to lose where I live if I stand up for myself...thats a whole other mess...
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Are y'all both working? Is there money saved up? Do they have a housing authority where you live? Can you check for income based housing where you live?

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