Those that already wean

For those who already wean how is it going? Do you have tips for those of us about to start? Purees? Finger food? I.e. carrot / Cucumber sticks ? Baby rice / porridge ? Any tips on cleaning or how to get baby to enjoy eating. We're thinking of starting this Friday when LB is 17 weeks
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Hey, I think with the recommendation been 6months they say don’t start finger foods etc till then cause of the development and choking if your looking to start soon I’d suggest first tastes - so blender veggies and fruits etc then slowly add to the texture as baby adapts. Baby rice / porridge are marketed up - I believe baby rice doesn’t have much nutritional value but if you want to do porridge etc I would just use normal regular ones and save some pennies. You can then add in diff fruits etc or purées for flavours. For staying clean we use the bibado bibs and there handy to have if it’s bath night strip baby and let them go wild xx

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