Has your period returned? I got mine recently. 🫠 I was hoping to avoid it just a little longer! 😆
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Mine came right back at like 5 weeks pp and I’m already on my third cycle 🤪 I too really hoped it waited longer to return

Honestly I can’t tell! I got an iud placed a couple weeks ago, and I started bleeding a week ago and I was convinced it was my period. My periods pre pregnancy were about 3 days long, but I’m still bleeding! Nothing crazy tho, which makes me think it’s the IUD. Idk 🤷🏻‍♀️

@Amanda aw yes! That's soooo early. This is my second baby and interestingly enough my period returned right around this time last time.

@Caitlyn I've have a couple of friends tell me that it can be hard to tell!

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