What snacks/drinks can your toddler reach?

If your toddler were thirsty or hungry and something had happened to you where you were temporarily unconscious, what snacks do you have at their level that they can eat? Can they open said snacks on their own? I never thought of this until very recently and now I’m like, well what would he do if it was just he and I alone?? I guess I could put bananas at his level. But I don’t wanna put baby bars down there because he’ll just eat them all up right now (and there is currently no emergency lol). I want foods he likes but not treats he’s just gonna eat everyday. Thoughts? What do you all do?
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Maybe the fruits and veggies pouches that are just twist off. They also have yogurt ones at Costco that don’t need to be refrigerated

I don’t think I’d put food if I was unconscious bc I’m scared of him choking

Mines go in everything. He found all my hiding spots, he climbs and can do anything.. I need locks on everything

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