Sick note for uterus heamorrhage?

Hi, I have been told I have an area of haemorrhage in my uterus (I’m in the first trimester) so I have bleeding that completely stresses me out. I find every time I come home from work (or at work!) I bleed but on my days off I’m fine. I’m sat there staring at the shade of blood and wondering what’s safe and what’s not- it’s incredibly stressful! I have a really busy job on my feet. Do you think It’s reasonable grounds to get a sick note from my doctor to get some time off so I can let this settle? Or will they refuse that?
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Ur pregnant and should understand i had to get a sick note for a UTI cos I was also bleeding xx

I got a sick note for stress at work & the doctor didn’t question anything just gave it to me x

Absolutely reasonable grounds to get a sick note! Even medically, let alone the stress/ worry it causes you

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