Do both parents have to be working to qualify for UC nursery help

I'm signed off on Limited Capability for Work Related Activities, and this will not change. My partner is self-employed Would we qualify, or do both of us have to work?
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No, as you’re on LCWRA you don’t need to work to get childcare help. Are you claiming carers element as well as your partner could qualify as your carer. Him being your carer would make him exempt from work too but obviously he can continue to work self employed and you would qualify for childcare I’m on LCWRA and my partners my carer, neither of us are working atm but our childcare is covered. My partner is waiting to start a new job but paperwork is being super slow 😅

Hi everyone. I did call UC back to discuss as Google says we can still get childcare costs. He confirmed only one parent has to be working to qualify and we get up to 950 a month for one child. Just incase anyone else was wondering the same xx

If your little one is 2, you should be able to claim the 15 hours free

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