Forcing baby to walk

So my daughters gonna be 1 soon and she’s just learning to stand on her own but can’t walk yet. I’m not fussed as I know she’s gonna reach this milestone in her own time. However, my father in law and sister in law are making it a big deal that she can’t walk yet!! They keep forcing her to walk around and she hates it, I remind them that she’ll walk in her own time but they keep comparing her to my husband’s cousins babies. I don’t get why they don’t understand that every baby is different. It’s not a concern for me but it annoys me that they bring it up every single time we see them, and then they say stuff like “she’s not walking because you’re not training her too”??? No actual point of this post, just had to let it out somewhere
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You're absolutely right she will do it when she's good and ready! My brother couldn't walk until he was 2 he ran everywhere from 19 months but couldn't physically walk properly until 2 and he's fine now at 15 with no issues my son's starting at 10 months my best friend had a baby a few months before me her child didn't walk until after 1 and I know some kids don't master it until beyond the age of 2. I'd tell them if you keep forcing her I'll just stop visits etc she will do it when she's good and ready and that's all that mattersn

Kids do everything in their own time, there are ways to help like walkers and things but ultimately she will do it when she wants. 😂 my LO didn’t walk before 1! It was quicker to crawl, he had no interest in it

Ugh I hateeee this! My boy is now a confident walker, but genuinely wasn’t attempting it really until about 3 weeks ago. He got it sooo quickly and I never forced him to! He’s never had a walker or anything, and if anything he took to it quicker than anyone else’s babies! She will get there tell them to leave her be!

My son is 14 months and refuses to walk. Some of my friends are like “girl hell walk when he’s ready” and others say the same thing your family has said “oh he should be walking”. The worst part is, I know he could if he wanted to, but he truly just doesn’t want to. He can walk around a couch or with a Walker but when I try to stand him up on his feet to walk he will very rarely take steps lol he’s just stubborn. So I get how you feel. My oldest walked at 10 months my middle child walked at 13. They just do things when they want to.

@YazmynJade exactly! I feel like she’ll do it whenever she’s ready to, and it’s not a race between babies to see who can reach what milestone first 🙄 I’ve told them so many times and they ignore it, they even mention it when they come to my house!

@Carly yeah 100%, she’s got a walker and has 0 interest in it. Since she can crawl, she can get about so she isn’t too fussed on walking either 😂

@Summer Like why should she be compared to other babies when every baby is different? They don’t get it and it’s so annoying constantly hearing it 🫠

@Margo omg yes!! Same thing here, she’ll walk with furniture but as soon as I hold her hands and try to get her to walk she refuses and forces herself down😂 they’ll do it on their pace

My son will literally lift his feet up from under him lol so he’s just swinging in the air while I hold him under his armpits 😂 it’s actually funny lol I’m like noooo put your feet down 🤦🏽‍♀️😂

Your child isnt even 1 yet, plenty of time to learn to walk, you are so right there’s no rush, can you have some space from your in-laws? 😅 Some babies walk before 1, but I wouldn’t say most… My eldest didn’t crawl until 11 months and then didn’t walk until 16.5 months and I got comments too like something was wrong with her, she’s so lazy etc However my second baby took her first (10 unassisted) steps just after 10 months and then nothing for a whole month, took another 10 or so steps last week, and she will be 1 in 2 weeks. I don’t think she will properly being walking before her first birthday though. She has also recently started to stand unassisted for a few seconds here and there They go in there own time 🥰

That’s your child if they can’t respect what u say and respect your daughter (because she’s getting upset) then they don’t need to be around her. My 2nd son was 8 months before he started crawling. I never comparing or force him. I let all my kids do it on they time

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