Intense cramps

Morning, I’m currently 7 weeks and 5 days. I’ve been having really intense cramps since 4am. I’m getting really paranoid as I had a miscarriage last year. Has anyone experienced similar cramping during week 7, also wondering if I should contact a health care professional or will they tell me it’s too early on in the pregnancy to do anything 🫶🏼
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Always reach out if your worried. I know what it’s like having had 2 misscarriges last year I always reach out if I’m unsure on anything ❤️ it will help put your mind at ease x

I'm also week 7, cramps and nausea is killing me 🤢😭

Call an early pregnancy unit and ask for a reassurance scan! It will be good to be looked after and they just recently changed the guidelines so that they now prescribe progesterone after just 1 miscarriage so if you’re not on it they my be able to get that for you to ease your mind a bit. Sending strength!

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