*TW Abuse*

My partner and I have a very good friend of ours (Male) and the girl he has been seeing for about 2 years now has always treated him very poorly, especially so in a group situation around us to the point we are very uncomfortable inviting even him on our holidays because we can’t handle the way she speaks to and treats him. He had recently mentioned that he was to be moving home closer to his family and that it would mean they would have to seperate as she could not relocate which was great news considering he is way too nice a guy to break up with her despite knowing he is not in a good situation and certainly not with a good person. It is abusive from the outside looking in. My partner and I have just recently had a baby after a long fertility haul and our pregnancy caused huge tension between our friend and his partner because she was jealous of our relationship which is much longer term and very contrastingly happy! She has now out of the blue fallen pregnant after forgetting to take her control… he has been baby trapped. It is incredibly uncomfortable for my partner and I and I absolutely do not support the pregnancy. Does anyone have any advice on what if anything we should do to talk to or indirectly support our mate? 🥺
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He needs to tell her that he does not want to Child, and then he’s not ready for one, and if he cannot take his feelings into consideration, he will be walking away. Can you tell her that he’s not comfortable with the way that she treats him and is not ready to be in a committed relationship with a child involved because of said behaviour he needs to just be upfront and honest with her there’s no easy way out of this he’s literally is just gonna have to tell her how it is

He should have not been having sex let alone unprotected if he didn't want to have kids. Or date old women with old reproductive organs that can't make babies. So he should do the necessary. 1. Make him get DNA testing preferably in vitro because of the crazy gf 2. He needs to decide if he's gonna be a present or absent father 3. He needs to take responsibility 4. He should talk to her or if y'all are so close be the mediation between them. Next time tell him to choose wisely. No escaping this.

He can still be a father to the child without being in a romantic relationship with her

@Lav she was on the pill ? As far as he knew he was protected ? Wtf You don’t get to force someone to be a father especially if they’ve been trapped into it… why are you blaming him ?

@Kristy am blaming both not just him. She didn't get pregnant alone. Men don't get to cry wolf after a woman gets pregnant from sex. You have sex you either get pregnant or a disease or both. Birth control isn't 100pc full proof. How do you know it just didn't work this time?? You don't. However what's for sure he emptied his business in her so they both deal with the consequences. There is no trapping anyone when sex is consented between 2 sane adults.

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