Loose bowel movements

My baby boy 17 weeks old has been dribbling non stop, chews his fists all day and has been trying to chew the nip of the bottle too so loads of people have said he’s probably starting to teethe although I can’t seem to see any emerge. Having said that for the past few days he’s been having 2/3 loose bowel movements a day (not to the point it’s diroeah ) whereas before he’d have 1 every 3 days as he’s mostly breast fed. He’s fine in himself otherwise. Some people say loose bowel movements are common with teething so just want to know. Thank you!
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Defo sounds like teething to me, my little one is the same, she’s bottle fed but her cheeks are red, dribbling, fists in the mouth non stop, red swollen gums and runny poos it comes out like a tap and also they’re slightly acidic and are causing nappy rash even though I change her straight away! X

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