Motherly instincts…

Are you having a Boy or Girl
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I think boy

I think Girl

I was adamant a boy last time and was right this time I have no idea

Everyone is telling me they think it’s a boy but something in my gut is saying girl 💕

I thought my son was going to be a girl. No idea about this one but bet its a boy again

A boy. We'll have to revisit this post in a few months to see if we were right 😂

I’m guessing boy.. also not sure why it’s incognito 🤷‍♀️

Boy 🩵

I think based on nausea or lack of (vs my girl), boy!

@Caz 😂

I change my mind.. I’m having a girl 😂

I also might change my mind, I had a dream last night it was a girl 🎀

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