Overdue and emotional

So I’m 40+5 and I’m booked in for an induction on Thursday. Just feel so teary all the time and down I feel like the littlest thing makes me cry these days. Does anyone else feel like this?
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Yeah, I'm 40+3 and being induced tomorrow. Sitting crying because I don't want to leave my 2 year old (along with crying over really silly things too). I remember being like this the first time too. Sending you big love xx

Yes! I was inconsolable all day at 36+6 and then 37+0 my waters broke. So maybe you wont need that induction! 🤞🏻

@Amy aw girl wishing you all the very best for tomorrow! You’ve got this keep breathing everything will be okay! Sending all the love🫶🏻xxx

@Christina good point, if we’re looking for positives here 🤣xx

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