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Hello everyone. I gave birth 6w ago and had an episiotomy. I really want to have sex again but it really hurts. Any tips on sex post birth?
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Following as I need help with this too

im in the same boat, i had a look online and its says lots and lots of lube, use a vaginal dilator or finger and rotate clockwise from 3 to 9, take pain relief and take a warm bath to help with swelling and pain :) im yet to try any of these as i tried to have sex the other day and its scarred me 🤣

@Heather When I tried it felt so sore and sharp (had a 2nd degree tear too)

I had a episiotomy. I was petrified to first have sex again! 🫣 But I promise! It doesn’t last too long and you’ll feel normal again! Xx

@Lucie yepp i had an episiotomy and they also tore me internally with the forceps from the start of my vaginal opening all the way up to my cervix 🥲 safe to say i will not be partaking in sex anytime soon, even though its killing us both 🤣

Lots of foreplay to relax everything it took us a few rounds before it felt good again

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