Trying to be chill!

This is my second pregnancy and I am a mess. I am worrying about everything and just want my little boy here safe. I really wasn’t anywhere near as worried in my first pregnancy. This time round I constantly have painful trapped wind which makes me panic. I just want to enjoy my pregnancy :( I am 19 weeks and have 3 scans which all say baby is fine! Anyone else a worrying mess?
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Anxiety is totally normal. Have you spoken to your midwife about your worries? Sometimes they can refer to a midwife or therapist that can help with anxiety issues? If the wind is worrying you too maybe there might be something in your diet that could be an issue like a supplement. You could ask about that too. I was really anxious with my first pregnancy and ended up on medication and saw a therapist in the end which has really helped this time round.

I totally feel you. This is my second pregnancy too and am so anxious about everything, am just 26wks and already worrying about been home alone when maternity starts in April, labour and dealing with the baby

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