Baby came early!!

Just gave birth at 33 weeks n and 1 due to unexplainable contractions. Baby has to be in the NICU for 2 weeks but she was 4 Ibs and 15 oz. She was perfectly health, but my contractions would not stop and were consistent for over 24 hours. On top of all of that, my baby shower is this coming Sunday😭Guess I didn’t make it to the March babies club😭. Ladies it was a struggle but I just want you all to know, that you got this!!😊
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This just made me feel so much better. I’m currently admitted in L&D not knowing what’s in store. Feeling scared and overwhelmed. I’m 4cm dilated and contracting but they have me on fluid and antibiotics to calm them. Thank you for posting this. I’m 33 weeks and 2 days as of 02/13.

You got this mama!! My cervix was closed and they still had to take her because of my history of fibroids and cyst. But she’s doing just fine in the NiCU. Stay strong and don’t worry, I started hyperventilating uncontrollably but that’s completely normal. Just relax and your beautiful baby will be just fine!! I’m praying for you🙏🏽❤️

Congratulations momma!!! I’m sure you are so relieved.

Congratulations!! 🙏💕 What did you name your baby girl?

Congratulations mama! Glad baby and you are ok. I am resting as I am 34 weeks today at 1cm I had to get contractions to stop by taking a pill and they did stop now I get them here and there

@Jada thank you love and yes finally relieved. The receiving isn’t that bad either (cross fingers)😂

@Casey thanks love and we ended up (after 8 months) naming her Alaina❤️😊

@Flower oh no hopefully it will stop soon. But that’s what happened to me and they gave it to me late because my heart rate kept increasing. But hopefully the pill kicks in and works for you. Praying for you momma!!🙏🏽 Don’t be nervous, you got this!❤️

@Lamoria Thank you!

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