My little boy is 9 months on 19th. I was wondering how many naps their boys are on and how many hours of daytime sleep, if they sleep through the night?
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My boy has one nap a day (2-3 hours) and sleeps 12 hours at night (sometimes 14) without waking

My LO is also 9 months on the 19th 🥹 we are still on 3 naps a day, averagely 2.5hr daytime sleep + 11/12hr nighttime sleep but no he doesn’t sleep through the night x

I have a girl but she has two 1.5hr naps a day and sleeps from 8pm until 8am

Depends on the day but 2/3 and he doesn’t sleep through the night xx

2 naps, 3 hours max in total and 11 hours at night. Doesn’t sleep through. Usually 2 wakes but only once last night

2 naps, first one is about 2 hours (9-11 or 10-12 depending what time he wakes up), and the second one is 45 mins - 1 hour, at about 3pm, then bed at 7. Wake windows are about 3 hours and he’s not slept through ever in his life 😅 x

Still on 3 naps a day totalling around 2.5 hours. Sleeps 12 hours at night but usually wakes up once around 4-5am and needs resettling which can take anything from 2-20 mins xx

2 naps. Half an hour or so in the morning and 1.5-2 hours in the afternoon. Sleeps 7-6ish through the night. Sometimes we get early mornings (5am)

My little girl cat naps through the day, sometimes OCCASIONALLY 2 x 1.5 hr naps if on me, but mostly 2/3 30/40 minute naps in the pushchair or cot & sleeps from 7/7.30pm - 5.30/6am but most recently very unsettled and waking at 1am or 3.45am/4.30am😩 it’s a lottery really

@Katie what time does he wake in morning and go to bed at night and what time is his nap?

@Emily usually he goes bed at 8:30 (if he has a 3 hour nap he goes bed at 9:30) wakes at 9:30 every morning then has a nap at 2pm

Mines 9 months on the 18th. We’re on two naps a day. Tend to be around 9am and 1pm - usually 2/3 hours of day sleep. Sleeps 10 1/2 - 11 1/2 hours over night. Sleeps through but is a very light sleeper from around 5am and often needs me to hold his hand to get to the morning 😅 will want a bottle around 6/6:30, sometimes goes back to sleep for an hour, sometimes gets up for the day

My LO doesn't sleep 12 hours at night sleeps about 8-9 and has like 3 naps a day varying from 30-60 mins. I might. Get lucky and he sleeps for an hour and half. He does sleep through though just wakes slightly for his dummy

Mine does 3 normal- occasionally 4 if she does a few 20 min ones instead of longer ones

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