Mothers day

So it's mothers day next month and tbh I'm absolutely dreading it. Last year was my first ever mothers day and my partner didn't bother. My card was one I made at nursery with my daughter myself as i'm her keyworker. I was left feeling really unappreciated and insignificant. I struggle with self worth, and I just can't be doing with having that again. Not sure why I'm posting this, I just have no one to talk to 🤦‍♀️
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I am exactly the same as you, my partner hasn’t bothered with me for Mother’s Day as much as I do for him on Father’s Day. I struggle with self worth too and high level anxiety so I need to feel appreciated. But he makes me feel anything but that. I hope this year will be different for both of us but if it isn’t, we should make it special for ourselves. Do a nice craft or brunch out with our little ones, celebrate them as much as yourself xx

So sad to read this for you both ❤️ you should be recognised and celebrated for all the hard work/effort/love you pour into your little ones. Have you spoken to your partners about the way you feel? It can be a very non-confrontational conversation explaining that mothers day is special to you and you'd appreciate a bit of effort and give some examples of how you'd like to be celebrated. It was my 30th recently and I said to my husband "here are some ways I would like to celebrate xyz and you can choose what we do but these things would make me happy" that way he knows what my expectations are, I was still surprised and not disappointed! We haven't been together for a long long time so these conversations are helpful and as the years go on he will learn the ways I feel appreciated. That being said, if you've been together a while and you've had these conversations over and over again and you're being blatantly disrespected and forgotten..that's another thing entirely and you shouldn't be treated that way ❤️

I know how you feel, my first Mother’s Day was a bit lacklustre too. I talked about it with my husband though and realised it’s because his family never made a big deal of Mother’s Day when he was a kid and so he just didn’t realise/think/know that I was hoping for more from him. So it wasn’t that he didn’t care, he just didn’t realise it was a big deal to me because that’s not what he’s used to. Once I explained to him that it’s important for me to get some form of recognition and celebration and gave him examples of what he could do going forward, he was totally onboard. My second Mother’s Day was much better because he knew what I was expecting. All this to say… I think you should sit your partner down, explain to him why it’s important to you and how you’d like to celebrate/things you’d like him to do and see where it goes from there xx

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