Morning! My poor little boy has three/four teeth coming in at once and is very upset about it. One of his bottom teeth is coming out but it seems to be coming out of the front of his gum, if that makes sense, rather than the top? It’s about half a cm down from the top of the gun, pushing out the front. Is that normal? Will it just move up as it finishes erupting or do I need to see the dentist? Thanks
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Sounds completely normal! I was surprised when his top ones came in from the front like that rather than the bottom of the gums after the bottom ones looked so ‘normal’, and now his 3rd & 4th molars are coming through (teeth 11 & 12 for us) it seems like the different types just all pop through in different ways I’d say maybe dentist if they cut all the way through and look a bit funny but you should be fine

My little boys came down from the front (at the top) s z

@Allie yeahhh I remember my little boys two top front ones coming through and being shocked they didn’t come through like the two bottom ones 😂. Was so weird

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