How long does childcare subsidy applications take to process?

I've just starting looking into childcare for when i go back to work. The cost where i live is quite high (?) approx $140+ per day. I was wondering how long CCS applications take to process and have a claim approved? Would love to hear other peoples experiences.
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I applied at the end of January and it was approved on Friday. Took roughly 2 weeks :)

Mines taken 2 months and daycare is $170.35 per day.

CCS took a month for approval..$140 I believe is quite standard. I know centres which charge around $160

$140 is average! I’d be happy with that 😂

Mine took less than two weeks. My daycare is $165 per day.

2 months and it's just because I called them

I applied 17 Jan and I don't have it yet it says it's estimating 7 to 17 March ! So we're paying full fees right now. That hurts!

Not going to lie. The fees feel like extortion haha

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