Hungry baby

Is anyone else finding that now their baby is close to crawling that they are starting to wake up again in the night super hungry?
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Yes! My little boy has been like this for the last week. He has recently started dragging himself across the floor and is like Speedy Gonzales and has been having multiple wake ups at night and will be screaming crying for milk. We have gone back to 3 or more feeds a night from the 1 we had gone down too

I’m glad someone else is finding this then! My little girl usually sleep straight through 7-7 … but the last two nights she’s crying every hour and then is consuming a bottle faster than ever at 5am not sure if I need to up her feeds again and more food at tea?!

@Sophie I’ve introduced breakfast from today for him. He’s already on 4x 8oz bottles and 1x 5oz bottle so don’t really know if I should be upping his ounces. My little boy usually sleeps from 10/11 till 7 but I’m going to see if it all makes a difference. Last night he was up every hour and a half and then decided to have a 2 hour wake time 2 till 4 🫠

Glad we’re both exhausted today then! 😅 I had dropped from a 7oz to a 5oz in the afternoon so I might just back up again if she’s needing that extra food power! I’m also thinking that sometimes sandwiches for tea just aren’t cutting it for her anymore …. Just when you think you’ve got it handled 🤦🏼‍♀️

@Sophie most definitely. Baby sleep surprises us in many ways. Just when i started getting restorative sleep again, he decides to mix it up

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