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When’s the best time to start dropping nap time for a nearly 2 year old? He naps for a good 3 hours. But then I’m struggling at night ( doesn’t sleep all night )
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Maybe try putting him down a little earlier. We have the same with our 22 month old. She used to nap around 3pm but then wouldn't go to bed at night. I've started putting her down around 1pm and even though she seems full of life so far I've been lucky and she's dropped off no problem xx

I put my 2 year old down for a nap at 12. I never let him nap longer than 1.5 hours as it does have a huge impact on his sleep at night. I wouldn’t drop the nap completely because they still need their naps in the day, but maybe make it 2 hours rather than 3 and see if that makes a difference? Changing nap time to a different time may work too. It’s all trial and error ✨

It’s so hard because he won’t go for a nap a certain time a day, he will just scream otherwise. But maybe when he is tired just let him sleep for 1.5 then wake him up ! X

Yeah I just wouldn’t let them sleep that long I’d cap at 1hr45 at this age tbh unless they are unwell xx

He napped from 10:50-12:30pm! And went to sleep at 7:15pm with milk. so I’m praying this will do the trick x

@Brittany how did it go?

@Lucy he went down at 7:30pm, woke up midnight for a bottle and then slept till 6am🙏so finger’s crossed this will work xx

Sounds like a good improvement! Keep up with the shorter nap, don't be afraid to wake him up during the day, you need your sleep too! Xx

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