Tips please - Working from home with baby

Hi! I'm after some tips working from home with baby!! She'll be 9 months old when I'm starting work again (I'm returning earlier than planned) and it's only for 12h per week - so 3h per day luckily for 4 days a week. I'm not so worried about getting stuff done when she's asleep, it's more the video calls etc. I don't have any childcare options really :(. On waiting list for nursery; no family around that could look after her. All friends are at work etc. She sleeps only for 30min - 1 hour at a time and currently we are contact napping 🥲 trying to change that as well. Any tips would be so so helpful! Thank you
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Is it an option to use a babysitter or childminder whilst you wait for your nursery place? I’d say video calls will be challenging, especially at 9 months when baby will likely be crawling

Can I ask what sort of job you have please? I’d love something like this, yet most of the work from home jobs are full time and I have a toddler 🙈 x

For the video calls I would say putting in a high chair and Mrs Rachel on TV. Some snacks like toast with peanut butter and jam. A cup of water.

No tips, it’s hard 😂. I’m having to do it today & he just wants to play with my laptop & mouse etc. I managed to time snack time with my meetings today which has helped a bit, but he was still spitting over me whilst I was trying to talk in the meeting 😂. I’m planning on getting the bulk of my work done during his nap

I’m wondering what job you have too! I’m going back to work in July (WFH) but my work have a very strict policy of no young children to be around (unless there is another adult/childminder in the house who is looking after them at all times) which I do understand as otherwise it’s like.. how would you get any work done? I see your issue… especially if she’s crawling 😅

My LB is crawling and standing etc and it’s so hard to keep him contained. My meetings are planned so I only put the tv then (Ms Racheal ). I have a ring camera in the living room and I will keep an eye on it on my iPad while in a call in the kitchen next door. Worse case scenario - I will say “give me 5 mins” during a call but hasn’t happened yet

We bought a travel cot. Put it up in the living room with her favourite toys in (safe toys) and placed her in there if we ever needed to leave the room to do washing etc & it was fab. She was safe. Couldnt go anywhere. It was a good size for her to play and overall worked fab if you have few bits to do xx

Thank you all so much! We have a playpen but she just won't stay in there for very long and so far we haven't done any TV time but it is an option we may use, thank you! It's an admin job I've interviewed for, with flexi hours fully from home. An absolute gem. Been looking for a while, I know it's so hard to find! My current employer isn't very flexible unfortunately. The new company seems amazing, yet to start but we are currently going through the paperwork so fingers crossed it all works out!

Just check the contract as mine says I can’t be caring for dependents whilst working x

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