Contraceptive injection

Does anyone use the injection and what’s it like?? They can no longer get hold of the pill I’ve been on for over 7 years so looking to change to something different as other pills don’t work for me. Any suggestions??
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I’ve heard really bad things about the injection but I use the patch it’s exactly like the pill it has the same hormones and everything but you put it on your skin and change it once a week it’s amazing I highly recommend it

I had the depo injection for around 10 years before having my baby. I never had any issues with it, it stopped my period and was once every 3 months! I got on well with it, but everybody is different! The only thing I would say is I gained a lot of weight from it x

Have been on depo for years, no issues. Very easy

I’ve never used the injection but I have the non hormonal coil it was horrendous getting it in but I like not having to worry about taking a pill

I had it when I was a teen, it stopped my periods

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