Maternity start grant and child benefits

So my salary is 19k which means me alone should be allowed child benefits and maternity start grant as its my first child however my fiancé who I live with earns way more which stop me from earning the child benefits for our son??? Has anyone ever just pretended not to live with their partner to claim the benefits? What if me and my partner were not romantic together and just live together.
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Child Benefit itself is not means tested which means everyone, even someone on 200k is entitled to it. Only 1 parent is, I would assume that he’d let you claim as you earn less, but I don’t think it entitles you to the sure start grant? I’m pretty sure that it has to be a benefit like Universal Credit etc, have you looked online at benefit calculators and seen if you’re entitled to anything?

@Libby they all say no (when I add that I live with my fiancé) 😭

What libby is saying is not true If you earn over 60k you are not entitled to child benefit .

Is your fiancé not helping you finically? I’m guessing he’s the dad?

You just have to pay tax on it if you earn over £50k, “high income child benefit charge”

I mean, you'd be risking getting done for fraud. Seeing as you're engaged, live together and have a child together, I wouldn't risk it personally.

Yeah and if you earn over 60k the tax is just as much as the benefit so no point claiming it

Is the fiancé not the dad, or acting as the dad? In which case all your finances are joint family finances and his money should be going towards the child too. From what I remember when I looked at it a few months ago if he earns over 60k it’s not worth you claiming child benefit, but double check that.

Please don’t do this to claim benefits, it is fraud. If someone reported you, you can get taken to court and risk a fine and prison.

Definitely don’t do this, my friends thought as mum only earned 18k and dad earned 80k she would be entitled! There now paying back nearly a grand a month 🤯

I don’t think you’d be entitled to the grant as you already have to be on universal credit to claim that, you should be entitled to the child benefits as you claim it as an individual but if your partner is earning over a certain amount he’ll have to pay it back via tax I think! However please don’t try and trick the system, whenever I see posts about people who get frustrated with benefits it’s because of people doing stuff like this where they are purposely committing fraud and thinking they can get away with it.

same position. i’m left work to have baby, my partner earns over 60k so we’re not entitled to anything. still apply though and select not to get paid, as it helps with pensions or something.

@Alix that’s such a good point! (If you’re not working definitely claim child benefit (even if you claim £0 because of your partner’s wage) because it gives you national insurance credits towards your state pension.)

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