Anyone else?

The second I get in to bed at night the heartburn starts, closely followed by my nose being completely blocked and I can’t sleep despite being shattered. I know they’re completely normal things to have but how does anyone get some decent sleep with this combo? I’ve got a toddler I have to function for everyday and although I’d love to think that it’s preparing me for when baby is here, I’d quite like some decent sleep before they arrive 👀🙈
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Sounds silly but I’ve had this and a pint of milk just before bed does wonders for helping the heartburn.

Totally empathise with you I found the exact same over my first and ended up having better sleep once she was here vs pregnancy sleep because of all the issues! Have you got a prescription off your GP? I have omeprazole and a pint of milk around 30 mins before bed and works a treat. As for the blocked nose, I’ve been using my daughters nasal spray 🤣 doesn’t fully get rid but I can breathe better with it! Just a calpol one. Good luck x

Milk is so good for you at night for heartburn! I am the same and it actually makes me feel sick but have some milk 😊 or a yoghurt. It helps a lot x

i have the exact same thing, and am wondering the same!! 😂 i can’t breathe at night, literally feels like i’ve got something stuffed up my nose but my heartburn isn’t every night, just random ones 🤷🏻‍♀️

Omezrepol, trust me

I was apprehensive to drink milk in case it made me sick but after reading all your replies, I’m going to give it a go. Also I think omeprazole is a good idea too, my first born had it for reflux and it worked wonders! Thanks all x

@Aimee I’m actually going to get this nose spray, I’ll honestly give anything a go for a bit of relief 🤣 x

@Jessica honestly even to breathe the smallest amount is a blessing 🤣 x

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