Baby not sleeping unless cuddled

My LO only wants to sleep and nap in my arms. If I put her down, she knows! I don’t know how but she knows, she cries and cries. I try and rock her, comfort her but I always end up picking her back up. Any one have any advice? I cant sleep with her in my arms😫
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It's really normal. Get a sling/carrier that way you can still do things while baby sleeps

@Aimee I wish I could but she’s too heavy for me to carry! I have both and I can’t manage either! Xx

Really? They're designed to be used for much older than this Does she sleep in the pram?

@Aimee she weighs iver 1st. She’s a chunky baby🤣and I’m only small and yes until we’re back in the house, it’s like she knows!?

Mine will only contact nap he’s 4.5 months I literally get nothing done and it gets me down but u also enjoy the snuggles. If I goes to sleep on me and I manage to get him into his buggy if we’re out he wakes up screaming like he’s been abandoned

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