Anxious about bump size

Hi girls, I am really anxious about my bump being too small lately. I’m 26 weeks on Thursday and feel like I haven’t noticed it growing the past couple of weeks. I had my 24 week midwife appointment and she listened in to (a very active!) baby and she didn’t seem concerned. I know they start measuring at 28 weeks so I guess I’ll have to wait until then. Anyone else feel like this? :(
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Everyone has been telling me how small my bump is and how they expected me to be bigger by now. I had my 28wk appt last week and was measured and I’m actually measuring slightly higher than average! Everyone shows differently! I also think your torso length plays a huge part as I’m a bit on the taller side (5’7” ish) so there’s way more space for my growing uterus than if I was like 5’4”!

I’m 25 weeks on Thursday and I feel the same, some days I feel there’s no bump at all (scales say different 😅) but some days more prominent than others. I think it depends on position etc. mine is very active too I feel him moving all the time so not too concerned x

I wouldn't worry about bump measurements they're outdated and don't provide much if any useful information with my first I literally had no bump and went down a size in jeans and only at 40 weeks on the dot when he dropped did my belly finally stick out and made it hard to fit clothes I delivered the next day and had a very healthy 7lbs 4oz baby. It depends if you're carrying in the front or back etc but no bump isn't a bad thing in terms of babys growth. This time with my second as it was only 4 months between delivery and getting pregnant again I'm huge and wishing for my first pregnancy body back x

I'm the opposite, I feel like my bump is huge compared to others but I was measured today and I'm on the 60th percentile, so above average but not huge. I think it shows more because I am shirt and have a small torso so the bump has to go outwards a bit more. If you have strong abs you are likely to show less, too. To be honest, the midwives seem to be more concerned about your bump growing at a stable pace from week 28 than about how big it is compared to others.

This is my first baby and pregnancy. I'm now 28 weeks and still looking like I ate too much over Christmas rather than pregnant. My bump was measuring a tad too small (they expect about 28cm at 28 weeks but allow for a 2cm leeway either side. I measured in at 26cm). I had a growth scan Monday to see how baby is doing. She's just a tad on the small side so I have another scan in 2 weeks

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