Toddlers - Fussy eaters!

Hi my LO is 20 months but proving to be such a fussy eater and losing weight! I’ve read somewhere some multivitamins might help or maybe paediasure? Pls share tips if you’ve been through it!
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Have a 3.5 year old who ALWAYS been extremely fussy and has never been average weight (he's on the 9th centile line) we've been using paediasure for more than a year as his fussiness has gotten worse and when he's unwell its almost impossible to get him to eat. We spoke to various professionals and we fortify the paediasure with milk and not water to help fill his tummy for longer and it adds the extra calcium he needs (all a bonus!). These professionals (paediatrics and dietician) has told us very recently when I asked if there is anything else we can do, told us he isn't getting worse with weight so he isn't needed to be seen regularly. He does have sensory issues with foods (only things that are crispy and crunchy and extra sensitive taste buds) but they feel we are managing well for quite some time now. If you feel paediasure etc isn't working, talk to paediatrics and dietician who can give further help and advice through GP referral x

I’d say the fussy eaters usually try to get some control over something they feel they can control, and some doing so because they feel frustrated/powerless. I’ve learnt that we need to fill two buckets on a daily basis: the attention bucket and the power bucket, for them to feel seen and supported. What worked for my son was I was always trying my best to make him feel like he was in control by offering two options from which he always picks something I’m comfortable with anyway in the first place, and have applied this to food and everything else, when needed.

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