Help me figure this out!

This a little of a long story but here we go: I know when I had the first day of my last period (29/09, usually 4 day cycle) and we had sex on the 6/10 (only time we had sex). Taking into account I have irregular periods between 34-36 days. I had implantation bleeding on 25/10 which means I most likely ovulated (as I normally do) day 16/17 of my cycle. I know my body really well from 4 years of ttc. Sperm can also live up to 7 days before fertilisation (there is a variation here too) occurs which could easily of happened here hence I’m having a girl. On my hospital notes they have my last period as 24/09 based 32 days cycles. In my 12 week scan they jumped my DD from 11/07 to 30/06. In my 20 weeks scan yesterday they said baby girl is in the 3rd percentile of growth which means she’s 2/3 weeks behind what they are saying she should be (anatomy is healthy and normal) and now I’ve been referred to FMU for further testing which I have booked for tomorrow. Downs testing etc at 12 weeks came back as low risk. Should I tell them that I know exactly when I had sex and that they have my last period dates wrong? I’m having a planned c -section and I’m terrified that they will take baby out earlier than they think she will be. I’ve read that ultrasounds can often miscalculate EDD and due dates are often estimates even via scans. If I go by the scan dating, I would have conceived within 7 days of having my last period which is impossible
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If you are certain it's worth mentioning and mentioning they have changed the dd as they should have a record of it. All mine was based on the date of when my last period was and never changed during my pregnancy

@Hollie it means I would of been pregnant from the 26th September with me being 20 + 2 today and I didn’t have sex until 6th October. He was the only person I was sleeping with and my period came on the 29th September. I’m so worried and stressed because they mentioned chromosomal issues I don’t know how I’m going to sleep tonight with the appointment tomorrow

I would definitely speak to them about it...they may be able to give you more information as the dates are never exact when they calculate them and if they have jumped the date forward by 2 weeks and she is measuring 2 weeks under would make sense they just have the date wrong but its also good they are wanting to do further tests as then they can be sure

@Hollie I will have a better idea of what’s going on tomorrow 🤞🏻 I just want my baby to be ok 💕

Definitely. I'll keep everything crossed that everything is OK. Let me know how you get on tomorrow x

How did it go today x

@Hollie all is well. Seems like her growth is due to placental lake found in the middle of my placenta. Consultant did the scan again and said she’s perfectly in preportion. They increased my aspirin daily and monitoring baby every month ❤️

I am so glad it went OK and glad you will be able to keep being monitored. I had scans throughout my pregnancy due to a bleed and it really helps keep your mind at ease x

@Hollie absolutely, thank you so much for thinking of me and checking in x

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