Colostrum collecting... feeling disheartened

For the past 3 days I've tried collecting colostrum but not seen any sign that it's working at all. I feel like I'm failing, especially as a lot of soon to be mums seem to be getting quite a big stock for their little ones; I feel like I'm not able to provide for my baby and she's not even here yet. I'm following videos online but not sure what more I can do. The due date is coming up this Friday so feel like I'm running out of time. Is anyone in the same boat as me? I feel like I need some reassurance that I'm not the only one.
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You are totally fine - don’t worry about it! I harvested zero with my first, and breastfed successfully for 18 months. Haven’t even tried yet for my second, might whack the pump out next week at 39 weeks but I’m not set on it. Antenatal Colostrum doesn’t mean that breastfeeding will be better or easier - lots of mums only have their colostrum arrive when baby arrives. It’s so normal! In terms of massive stocks - totally unnecessary. Often gets wasted, which is a shame as colostrum is liquid gold vs. Normal breast milk, and is limited in supply. Definitely want to be leaving some in the boob, and it’s better for baby to be getting it from being latched on vs. via a syringe in terms of long term feeding goals. Focus on just getting to know your boobs, and lining up your breastfeeding support post partum - IBCLC, infant feeding team, tongue tie practitioner, cranial osteopath etc :) all will be well I promise :)

I was in the same boat. So frustrated and hated doing it, as it was demotivating. Then baby was born early, latched okay and milk came in fast. So don’t worry, it really isn’t a big deal xxxx

Try to remember baby only needs a few drops of colostrum initially because their stomachs are the size of a cherry 🍒 and colostrum is so high in calories and antibodies that every drop is valuable and an amazing gift fir your baby x

I only managed a measly 1ml after hours of trying. Hot shower and flannel / boob on radiator helped. To be honest, just the attempt to try is enough! You will have stimulated your milk ducts, massaged them and got them ready for when baby comes. Getting familiar with your breasts is the aim of the game, first and foremost. ❤️

I never managed it with my first baby and successfully breastfed her for a year after that. However I was never very good at pumping either! She never really got the hang of bottle feeding so it didn't really matter. I haven't even attempted to harvest this time around as I'm sure it'll be the same! x

I tried for days and days manually, I ended up using my electric pump and have managed to get a few syringes. I'm 40 weeks now so thought the pump won't do any harm 🤷‍♀️ I know it's not really recommended before baby arrives. But as the other ladies have said, don't get too hung up on it. Even though I've managed with the pump it's still a very small amount, but this doesn't mean that baby won't be able to latch/feed well xx

Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences ❤️ feeling much better knowing it's not necessarily as easy as it seems x

I wouldn’t even worry ❤️ Lots of people share how successful they have been and same as everyone above I’ve only managed to get about 7 syringes and only 2 times I’ve managed to get 1ml! All the other times I’ve only produced 0.2-0.4ml You never know you may be amazing at breastfeeding when they come instead of harvesting! Xx

I tried and once got the smallest little drop the syringe wouldn’t even suck it up. My baby is here now & breast feeding well so I wouldn’t worry too much about it. My midwife told me it was probably just down to technique- it’s not easy

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