Fibromyalgia and pregnant

Hello. I have fibromyalgia and I was wondering if there are other mums or mums to be with the same condition
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Hi, I have it and it has been so much better through pregnancy which I have been very surprised by!

Yes the same as me. I've heard some people say it's gotten worse but the only thing I have is sickness that lasts all day.

Yes, I have had the normal pregnancy pains and now in third trimester I have a lot more fatigue but again normal for pregnancy. Otherwise my energy in general is great. I was so scared about flare ups/fibro with being pregnant but it's been great! I am a little bit scared of the aftermath of birth on how that might wipe me out though.

I'm disabled and have a few health problems on top. Personally, for me, my Fibro has gotten a LOT worse. I'm constantly having fibro flairs, and the only thing that helps is showers, but if I'm in too much pain, the water just hurts my skin. I'm hoping it will get easier the further along I go. My fatigue has grown tenfold, so it's absolutely draining the life out of me. I honestly don't know what to do about it 🫠

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