earplugs for sleep

Hey really random but do you guys reckon it’s okay to wear ear plugs to sleep? not to block out crying or anything like that my daughter 9/10 sleeps through but she has a lot of active sleep which keeps me awake all night and i feel like a zombie.
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I wear earplugs to sleep. I just put them in very very loose!

I do 😊 it doesn’t even block out his moving around mostly never mind crying so I wouldn’t worry xx

I actually got the Loop Engage ear plugs specifically for parenting! It blocks out my partners snoring mostly but I can hear our baby perfectly! They work by just lowering decibels rather than blocking sound

I wear loop quiet to sleep because I'm a light sleep and husband breathes heavy. It helps so much but don't worry about not waking up if baby cries...you will still hear your baby!

thanks guys definitely getting some then🤣

I actually wear headphones and listen to white noise. It’s loud enough I can’t hear active sleep or my husband snoring but if baby cries I will hear it. So as long as you are able to hear the crying I say it’s fine.

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