High blood pressure

Had my little girl 2 days ago and keep getting really high blood pressure. Anyone else have this after csection? I just wanna go home 😞 I feel really well in myself which is even more annoying
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Hi I am not medically trained and didn’t go through high BP after my c section but I suppose they need to keep monitoring you a bit; I hope you get the green light to go home soon. You maybe worried about this and if anxious you can use a breathing exercise to calm your worries; I have used the balloon breathing and the flowers and candles exercise every day for 5 weeks to reduce anxiety; here is the link to 5 exercises for you to try out: https://www.mse-iapt.co.uk/covid-respiratory

I had it but after a natural birth. It stayed for about a week and the midwives kept checking me. Mine was borderline so they didn’t treat me with medication but kept sending me back in. It went away on its own - after I was left alone!! X

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