Maternity jeggings?

Hi mamas! I am coming into my second trimester for my second pregnancy and I am struggling to find jeggings that got over my belly but also make my butt and legs look good. I am a bartender so I’m on my feet a lot and bending down a lot. I prefer something that is stretchy but flattering and I am NOT allowed to wear leggings at work. I was able to in my first pregnancy so it was not an issue then, but this is a new job. I have scoured Amazon, found a couple cute things I like and bought them, but the back pockets have already started tearing apart after having for a month, so not practical. It doesn’t necessarily have to be maternity, but I would prefer something covers my belly instead of being tight around my waist line and creating a spare tire effect lol. I can pass leggings off as pantsIF they have back pockets that look like jeans or dress pants even, but it’s a casual bar so I prefer the look of jeans I’d also prefer black as it’s all I wear lol. Might be open to a light blue jean look but absolutely no indigo or dark wash jean looks If anyone has any recommendations please link them for me ❤️
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Not sure if they are available in your area, but I saw some online at H&M that look nice

I found some cute inexpensive ones at Walmart and Ross. You just have to go at the right time.

I found some black maternity jeans on Vinted. They are so comfy. The ones I have are from Asda.

I think I got my maternity jeans at target. They were like actual jeans, but with the maternity belly thing.

@Bibi I will check thanks!

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